This is Sony | Work by Nici

Due to its too large, too diverse portfolio which causes the brand’s image to become so blurred that it's no longer clear what Sony stands for. We want to remind people that Sony is still here, its products are amazing, it cares, and it entertains like no other.


What if Sony is not here anymore? Will be missed? WIll people realize how important it is? Today, there is no "WHAT IF,"  because we are going to take every single Sony off the shelf, off the street, off everyone’s life. In the Great Toronto Area and New York City, this is where we start “This Is Sony.” 


Breaking News: Overnight, Sony Has Vanished.

The campaign starts with the fake news about Sony is all gone, every single thing from Sony is now disappeared from the world, people are going panic and realize there are so many things around their lives are parts of Sony.

Online News, Digital.

News, Print.



After all the products have been taken off, they will each replaced by these little metal plate with a serial number.




Enter the bar code to facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram will charge the progress bar.

Sony Metal Plate, front and back.

Social Media post, interactive, Digital.


The Progress Bar that shows how many Sony has been found & how many people have been a part of it.

OOH, Digital billboard. 


Takeover (Print Media)

Acknowledging and reminding people that all those brilliant works around us are made, created, and parts of Sony.


OOH, Print. Click on images to see the bigger picture.

Takeover (Interactive Billboard)

To step up the game we will inject technology into traditional advertising.

Product (Bravia TV) Actual product; Print Poster.

Product (Extra Bass) Actual product; Print. Playing music tracks of Sony artists.

Product (Alpha Lens) Actual product; Print Poster. A photo will be taken trigged by voice “Cheese”, with a digital bar code printed.

The photo can be accessed via instagram #thisissony with the code.


Takeover (Online Channel)

Social Media is the biggest platform occupied by 80% of the target market. Social influencers and online streamers are going to help with expending the possibilities for the campaign.

Inviting Social Influencers / PS4 Gaming Streamers to help spread the words!

Facebook post, Playstation VR: Astro Bot.

Facebook post, Game:God of War, Movie: Angry Birds.

Inviting Social Influencers / Sony Artists to help spread the words!

Instagram, Pre-roll:  Sony Music Artists and Sony Pictures Movie, With sample music pieces, movie trailers, and mini-games.


Offline Events

The offline events are triggered by the finished progress bars. 4 different themes of events in total, which will last two weeks in both Great Toronto Area and New York City. The event is FREE and only can be accessed by Sony Metal Plate holder. 


















Place your mouse to the big picture to the full story.






Offline Events (for non-plate holder)

A BestBuy Experience: A place to sit back and enjoy the amazing experience that Sony brings to you.

*Mood Boards: E3 Playstation Experience Center/official photos by Sony, PlayStation.


Client: Sony |  Art Director: Niciyu  |  Copy Writer: Niciyu

Music: Lost Boy by Ruth B

Graphic: Sony PlayStation, For the Players.

Copyright 2019 by Nici.

Copyright 2020 by Nickynici.