Value the memory | Work by Nici

In 1946, with 190,000 yen and  20 employees, Sony was born. Sony Archives showcases the pioneering products that Sony has given the world as well as a variety of documents. We hope these exhibits will give visitors a sense of Sony's "Monozukuri" spirit of craftsmanship. It's a place with greatness and memories, the origin of Sony. This is a PR-able campaign to promote that all those Sony memories are valuable and worth to look back. 

PART 1 ENGAGE: Interactive Website. Sony Archive.

Everyone’s memory is valuable, and most of them are priceless, but here with Sony, there is an actual way to value the memory, not just by collecting all those products, also by writing down them to share with the world. In here, with Sony, those precious memories can actually be valued.

PART 2 SHOWCASE: Interactive Website_2, stories. Sony Archive.


Walkman—Michael Jackson  | Mavica Camera —Marilyn Monroe    |   Trinitron TV—21 Jump Street

PlayStation Video Game Console—Toshinden (One of the easiest games on Playstation)

Note: *10-sec (short version) individual pieces as Youtube pre-roll.

PART 3 ACTIONS: Instagram_Social Post and Coupon, Value your memories. Sony Archive.

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