A Proposal for a Candy Store for 80-year olds. | Work by Nici

This is gonna be an irregular candy store with its regular customers who are all in their 80s. There are about 800 plus different kinds of old school candies in the store for customers to enjoy and recall their memories. The only retail store is located in a not so quiet town at Canada Toronto Distillery District. Golden Tooth has promoted itself as not just a candy store but also a lifestyle in this busy city, Golden Tooth is the place to go to live again 1950s and continue to daydream all those perfect moments back in time. 

In-Store Experience

The store is available for both dine in and take out and special care on disability needs. Not everything for people of their 80s have to be soft as cotton, there are 3 Different sections of candies of different level of softness, “Soft Clouds”, “Big Smile”, and “Golden Tooth”, and candies are organized by time era from the 1950s to the 1990s, neon arrows direct towards to each section. Big windows by each booth, outdated newspaper are offered by the hallway.

Golden Tooth

Circus Sticks Hard Candy Sticks, Rock Candy Crystal Sticks, Charms Sour Balls Hard Candy, Lemonhead Candy, Kits Taffy Candy, etc.

Big Smile

Nik-L-Nip Wax Bottles Candy, Jelly Candy, Candy Necklaces, Chuckles Minis Jelly Candy, Whistle Pops, Red Licorice Laces Candy, etc.

Soft Clouds

Cotton Candy, Charms Squares Candy, B B Bats Taffy Pops, Soft Peppermint, Candies of Merritt, Butter Mints, mush mellow, etc.

School Lab

Create and experience different candies or dessert (within the store) for free.


1/3 of the wall is painted in pink.

The interior floor is covered by pink and white ceramic tile.

A regular glass door at the entrance and pink saloon doors to enter the backyard.

One phonograph records player at the cashier playing music from the ’80s. 

A huge jukebox beside the dessert bar, coins only. 

A pink photo booth at the end of the hallway.

Black and white photos and a newspaper clipping with nice frames on the wall.

Poster with an old-fashioned joke on the wall.

Neon “OPEN” on hangs on the window.

Backyard with a little garden, a pony named “Ada.”

Cigars are allowed at the backyard.

Dessert Bar & Cashier

Food: House Burger, French fries, Eggs, Sausages, Cheese.

Dessert: Blue / Pink Cotton Candy old fashioned sponge cake, Chocolate, and banana brownie, Ice cream boat/cone.

Drink: Black coffee, hot chocolate, water, apple/orange juice, British tea.

Cashier: Offers Classic time era gift box for purchasing (1950’s -1990’s candy gift box); offers service: gifts wrapping & special packaging.

Ad Campaign

Print Ads and Youtube Pre-roll Commerical.

Increase public awareness. 

OOH, Print. 

OOH, Print.  Wild posters.

TV Commercial 

Copyright 2019 by Nici. 

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