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Xperia Airline | Work by Nici

The name Xperia is derived from the word "experience", and was first used in the Xperia X1 tagline, "I Xperia the best". To continue delivering the amazing experience Sony has from the ground to the air, we established XPERIA Airline.


XPERIA made a huge leap on bringing the full entertainment system to a whole new altitude. For all Sony customers to enjoy their journey in a relaxed, comfortable experience, XPERIA will also keep the delicacy and high-quality service from ground to air. 

The Full Elegance

XPERIA will bring the full elegance to the air, which included full-extended leather seats, automatic induction temperature adjustment interior lights, in-seat PS4, and PSVR entertainment system with newest games and movies, 15 inches 4K ULTRA HD, HDR screen, and full Wifi service. Most of Sony’s products can be found on the plane.  To let the customers can fully enjoy the audiovisual experience, XPERIA provided the newest 1000X Wireless noise-canceling headphones which made for the fly to each passenger on the plane during the journey. 

WH-1000XM2 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Ai and Robotic Technology 

There is no human flight attendance during the whole journey, the computer is the core to operate the plane, food service and duty-free shopping is going to be delivered by Sony robots. The efficient work will bring more convenience to the customers, as a unique, exciting experience only with XPERIA.

Cabin Environment

The whole cabin was designed for noise proof, so even without the noise-canceling headphones, XPERIA provides a better, more comfortable, more work-friendly environment than any other planes.

Full Experience from the beginning

Sony Lounge is designed just for XPERIA costumers, most of Sony’s products will be showcased in the gallery and can be purchased, Sony Lounge is located inside of airport VIP lounge, costumers can experience the newest technology inside of lounge. With Air Sony’s plane tickets, costumes are able to access all of the Sony Lounge in all over the world, XPERIA will provide their great service throughout the whole trip with their costumes.

Beyond the limit

For all costumers’ convenience, EXPERIA's milage can be transferred to credit to all accessible on all Sony account, there is no platform/product limit.

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